FlightGear Airport Editor

AirportEditor is a tool to create the ground networks used by FlightGear airports. I wanted to create a ground network for my local airport, but the current version of Taxidraw (the official FlightGear ground network editor) has not yet been updated to create ground networks. I decided that I couldn't wait for the next version, so I created AirportEditor.

You can download the following AirportEditor files:

File Size Description
AirportEditor-1.0.1.zip 220 KBytes Executable files and user documentation
AirportEditor-src-1.0.1.zip 260 KBytes Source files

Note: AirportEditor requires Java version 6 (or later) to run. You must have Java v6 (or later) installed on your computer before you can run AirportEditor. Java is available for free download from Sun Microsystem's web site, at the address http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/.